There is an urgent problem facing our community where families are being compromised due to misinformation about health. Americans have never been as sick, diseased, or symptomatic as we are today. There are an endless amount of people who are suffering, who have been through the ringer and have tried anything and everything to no avail.


For those of you who have a health condition and have been living with symptoms, we assure you there is a better way. Health doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are answers to your unanswered questions. There is hope. We know because we have helped hundreds of people to overcome health challenges and regain their youth and vitality. It’s what we do that’s different and unique that allows for us to get results where other systems fail. 

Specific, corrective, wellness-based chiropractic care can help with these and other serious health conditions...

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While these conditions are common, they're not normal.

You can live a life of extraordinary wellness.

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I was training to be a medical doctor, but one day I heard a news report on my car’s radio of how a woman had been permanently damaged by a medical procedure. I put myself in that doctor’s shoes. I thought, how could I live with myself, knowing I had damaged someone forever. When I came home and discussed the news report with my wife, she said, “What about becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic?”


I had always gone to a Chiropractor and they had literally given me my life back as a child. And I had been told that Chiropractic care is safer than taking a Tylenol so I knew I would only be helping people. So, once I was done receiving my bachelor’s degree, I was off to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, to get my DC degree.