Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family.  It is an honor to be your doctor while serving you with the art, gift, and quality health care which is chiropractic.

Dr. David Warner

Headache Relief

I walked into Dr. Warner's office plagued by headaches that were interfering with my day to day activities. Right away Dr. Warner began treating my long endured damage and educating me about how my spine affects my entire body. Through the pain and tears of the initial days of my treatment, Dr. Warner encouraged me and continued to educate me about my condition. My headaches are gone, my backaches are eased, and health has improved all around.

Laura Bock



Neck Pain

When I came to see Dr. Warner I was experiencing poor range of motion in my neck. My neck never seemed to move as comfortably and as far as it should. Now that I have been under Dr. Warner's care, I can turn my neck and head further and with more ease.

Steve Barnet




Back Pain

With some trepidation, I began chiropractic treatment. I had been having lower back pain and sciatica pain for more than a year and a half. I was taking daily prescription medicine to help with the pain.  My daughter Cari suggested I see Dr. Warner. She was sure that chiropractic care was the answer to my pain. I stuck with the "care plan" that Dr. Warner planned for me. He was able to relieve the pain. I no longer rely on daily medication to ease the pain. Now I can get on the floor and play with my grandchildren. Better yet I can get up without help. That was my goal!  Dr. Warner and his staff are wonderful. I always enjoy a good laugh while I'm there. That wasn't part of my scheduled treatment plan. It's a nice bonus!

Sue Barnet 




I started seeing Dr. Warner because I had a severe headache that had lasted several days; I also had burning muscle pain in my neck and across my shoulders especially when doing anything repetitive with my arms. After just one treatment I had much relief. Then we had a car accident, my left shoulder was hurt, hospital X-rays showed a "bad bruise". It's been four months now, my treatments from the accident are near completion. I'm thankful I was seeing Dr. Warner so I didn't have any permanent damage due to medical doctors classifying my injury as a "bruise".  My 13 year old son injured his back playing football, he was having mid back pain and an upset stomach. He gets regular treatments and is doing much better. Dr. Warner will go the extra mile to meet his patients schedule and needs.

Jackie Shippert




I had severe pain in my lower back and down my leg. This made it hard to do simple activities like walking. After being treated by Dr. Warner I feel much improved in this area.

Ruth Ross




I have been so very pleased with Doctor Warner's skill in manipulation, keen observation of musculoskeletal infirmities, and delivery of his treatments in a calm, caring, and tender manner. Having gone through surgery and medical care, I consider his treatments as a valuable adjunct to my total medical regimen. In fact, his treatments have been the most effective way to manage my problems. I am happy to have such a skilled chiropractic physician and I refer patients to him as my valued associate.

Donald R Lewis M.D. F.A.C.S.




My friend had seen Dr. Warner's ad in the newspaper. He showed it to me and suggested that I go see him. He said I have had pain for "way too long." I went to see Dr. Warner and after only one visit and treatment I had great relief. Dr. Warner is very thorough in his treatment and with his continued care I am sure I will be able to enjoy a pain free life.

Sharon Allen





Upon entering Dr. Warner's office for a job interview, I had never received chiropractic treatment. Growing up, I heard nothing but negative comments about chiropractic, so I never considered it. I thought it was "normal" to have a headache every other afternoon, and to have aches and pains all over my body all the time. I was hired on as a chiropractic assistant to Dr. Warner, and after learning about what it really does, I quickly made the decision to become a chiropractic patient. After about two weeks of treatment, I had no headaches. After a few months of treatment, I hardly suffer from any small aches and pains. Now not only have I decided to become a lifelong chiropractic patient, but also pursue a degree to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Carri E. Anderson




Symptoms, I had them all; fatigue, back and neck pain, sleepless nights, and migraine headaches on a daily basis, just to name a few.

Feeling at the end of my rope, I read the ad in the paper and decided to give it a try, after all what did I have to lose?

Well, what I lost was all the symptoms, including my headaches, the pain in my back and neck, but what I gained was energy, a good night sleep, and my health returning to me. Chiropractic care has made me feel alive again! Thank you Dr. Warner!

Jane Haws



Eye Sight and Hearing

When I first came to Dr. Warner, I had a bad accident where I fell out of a truck on my head. I fractured my skull and messed up my neck. My eyesight in one eye was bad, I had frequent headaches and bad hearing in one ear. After a few weeks with Dr. Warner, my eyesight is back to 100%, my hearing is almost all the way back, and almost no headaches. I'm very glad I met Dr. Warner. I feel like a new man.

James A Ruchti Jr.




I suffered with mid back pain so intense that it was difficult to take a deep breath. Turning from side to side was uncomfortable and made my chest tighten. Laying down about took my breath away. Dr. Varner corrected my problem, Thanks to Dr. Warner, I am able to take a deep sigh of relief. Thank you Dr. Warner for returning me to health.

Cari Schier




When I first came to Dr. Warner I could barely raise my left arm. I'd also been diagnosed with tendonitis in my right ankle by an M.D. which hadn't improved for about 2 months. I also had some arthritis in my finger. I was, to put it shortly, a mess. After being treated by Dr. Warner, my shoulder is totally functional, the tendonitis is almost completely healed and the arthritis is much improved. Thank you Dr. Warner.

Leland Stickle 




When I first came to Dr. Warner I had extreme lower back pain that made bending over difficult. While being treated by Dr. Warner I have seen dramatic improvements to my flexibility and back pain.

Alek Blackbourn




In 2008 I began experiencing severe back pain. While it wasn’t constant, it was random and debilitating when it occurred. It was definitely impending my ability to just live my life. I came to Dr. Warner having no experience with chiropractic. He diagnosed the problem and we began a course of treatment over the next several months. It involved some trial and error, some pain and some patience, but eventually I reached a place where the excruciating pain was gone. Throughout my treatment, Dr. Warner was professional, courteous and considerate. Now, nearly 10 years later I continue to get regular adjustments (maintenance) and am able to function in my daily life without pain.

Cindy Fassler




Before coming to Dr. Warner my lower back was a mess. It was excruciating just to stand and fix supper. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Warner my back feels so much better! I’m able to do things without pain. Everyone on his staff is friendly and professional.  They take the time to get to know their patients. It is a very comfortable and inviting atmosphere. I’m very happy I chose Warner Family Chiropractic for my chiropractic needs!

Heather Reason




After suffering from bad posture my entire life, lower back pain started to catch up with me in my mid-30’s. I’d wake up in the middle of the night in pain, and struggle to fall asleep again because of it. And waking up every morning was a painful task.But almost immediately upon starting adjustments and muscle treatments with Dr. Warner, the pain started to disappear. No more waking up in pain in the middle of the night, and no more tough times getting out of bed in the morning.


As I get older, aches and pains again will show up every now and then. But continued visits to Dr. Warner have kept many of them at bay, and I feel my quality of life has greatly improved over the past several years- and I believe that will continue into the future.

Ty Reynolds




Before I started receiving chiropractic care I had constant headaches and migraines. With continued care not only have the headaches dissipated almost entirely, but also back pain has reduced as well. I strongly recommend treatment not only for backaches but a slew of other aches as well. Thank you Dr. Warner!

Christopher Hagemann




Six years ago my body was hurting badly in my back. For work I had to use a belt. One day I came to Dr. Warner. He helped me with all the pain in my body. After 8 months I was able to take the belt completely off. All the pain went away. My body felt better. Any time I have any pain I come back to Dr. Warner. He helped me take the pain out. I feel better all the time when I come to Dr. Warner. That’s why I recommend Dr. Warner! He does a wonderful job! He always helps me out. Thanks Dr. Warner!

Margarito Basilio




I’ve had a lot of pain in my back from my job. I did heavy lifting. A couple of my friends told me how wonderful Dr. Warner was. When I started going I was shocked on how good I started feeling. I made the mistake and stopped going and started to get bad again. I came back and I’m starting to feel good again. I will not make the same mistake twice! I like coming here, not just because I feel good, but because of how they make you feel. They treat you like family! I come to Dr. Warner because he is a kind and honest person.

Peggy Fullmer




I came to Warner Family Chiropractic in 2007 and have since discovered the benefits and good health resulting from regular chiropractic maintenance. When every injury has occurred over the years. Dr. Warner has been able to restore my spine and muscles to full function because we stay “on top of it” and have a relationship of trust and good communication which is beneficial to diagnosis and treatment. Thank you Warner Family Chiropractic!

Diane Sanders



After experiencing years of pain and not knowing the cause of it, Dr. Warner has helped me understand my condition and given me reassurance that I am able to heal and recover. Dr. Warner and his staff are friendly and truly care about each patient. I love the friendly atmosphere and Dr. Warner does an excellent job!

Mackenzie Schleicher




I struggled for several years with pain in my right hip. I had been going to two other chiropractors with little relief. Pain was so intense at night that it would wake me up. I started seeing Dr. Warner and within two months the pain was gone! I continue to see Dr. Warner once a month to maintain and have never had any issues. I recommend him to anyone who has pain.

Kim Salentine