Scientific research has proven that chiropractic corrective care decreases neck pain caused by whiplash injuries. Specific chiropractic adjustments restore proper biomechanics to the spine and remove neurological interference. Here are the results:


  • Decreased neck pain

  • Improved range of motion in the cervical spine

  • Reduced muscle spasm and inflammation

  • Decreased numbness and tingling of the arms and hands

  • Restored postural imbalances and biomechanics

  • Reduced medical costs

  • Decreased medication consumption        


People of all ages benefit from chiropractic care because it restores optimal function to the nervous system, allowing the body to heal from the inside out, without drugs or surgeries. Who do you know that would benefit from a healthy, functioning nervous system?



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Auto Injuries

Auto accident injury occur on a daily basis which can cause some people to overlook how much they can impact our lives.  As a leading Car Accident Injury Treatment Center, we realize that the first thing a person thinks about after an auto accident is the damage to their car, and not necessarily their health or getting to a specialized car accident injury chiropractor.  Many victims are not aware that some injuries cannot be detected until days, weeks or even months after the auto accident has occurred and by then it can be hard to get to Warner Family Chiropractic or get the treatment covered by insurances.


At our clinic we understand the difficulties that can arise after a car accident.  We have witnessed auto injuries and damage that can result from an auto accident, and understand the struggle some patients may face in trying to get proper medical and chiropractic treatment.


#1 Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

If you were recently injured in an auto accident, then your first call should be to the best personal injury chiropractor in the Levittown, PA area. Even if you received treatment at the ER, you may still be in danger of suffering long-term damage. Often, accident victims quickly rush past treatment to call a lawyer, but there is no amount of money worth lifelong pain. We take a complete approach to severe auto accident injury. Our chiropractic care team offers a multidisciplinary approach to treat your pain and provide you with the exact treatment that your individual injuries need. 


How long will my recovery take?

Because every injury is unique and every patient recovers differently, it’s impossible to estimate a recovery time. However, one thing is always true: the longer you wait to receive treatment, the longer your recovery may take. Once scar tissue begins to form or bones begin to set, the recovery process takes longer and is more difficult. So don’t delay your treatment any longer – Schedule a FREE Consultation Now!


Warner Family Chiropractic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injuries sustained in automobile accident. Chiropractic treatment has been clearly documented to be safe and effective for the treatment of "whiplash" and back injuries.


Our main goal is to minimize your pain and restore you to pre-accident functional status in the shortest time possible.


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